THE UFA Kastler Guitton depends administratively on a departmental training center of apprentices (C.F.A. E.N. 85) of National Education (free educational public service).

Alfred Kastler Guitton Secondary School offers general and technological teaching as well as vocational training. They are committed to an eco-friendly citizen approach.

Number of students and apprentices: 1,200
Staff members (including the principal, secretaries, catering and cleaning staff): 200
There is a school cafeteria which provides meals for €3.20.
There is also an infirmary.

School with 800 students UFA with 200 apprentices

Training Program

° Masonry

° Woodworking

° Heating systems

° Robotics (computers automated programs)

° Truck driving for the young people. They begin the driving at the

age of 15 and they finish at the age of 18, then they can work in

transportation companies.

Training Programs

° Building

° Road works / maintenance of roads

° Installation and maintenance of pipes

° Truck maintenance

° Pharmacy

° Maintenance of public works equipment (e.g. backoes, forklift trucks...)

° Driving of manual and digitally operated machines