This project only involves apprentices aged 18 or more

LENGTH OF THE STAY: About 3 weeks of practical experience

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Our project since September 2011:

in cooking, catering, and serving

in Finland, Slovakia, Spain, Estonia, Romania.

From September 2015:

our project in the field of pharmacy


It involves apprentices in cooking, serving, and catering:

apprentices who are in the last two years of high school in

Bac Professionnel or in first year of the Brevet Professionnel Cuisine or Restaurant.


It involves apprentices at the beginning of their second year in Brevet Professionnel Pharmacy Assistant
Between 5 and 15 apprentices every year Between 3 et 6 per year

We are looking for partners in :

cooking, catering, service in restaurants to widen the experiences in different countries.


At the end of their training course the apprentices will:

In cooking:

  • - participate in the preparation of meals or prepare meals on their own under the supervision of a chef
  • - usually work in restaurants serving “traditional cuisine” as a beginning cook or in school cafeterias or canteens.

The waiter works in the dining room of a restaurant room and manages the reception of customers, serving tables, cashier operations, and the necessary work to put everything back in place in the restaurant.

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We are looking for partners in:

pharmacies, laboratories, hospital pharmacies.

Short description of the organization of their training courses and the job of pharmacy assistant in France.


For the job of pharmacy assistant, we mainly train young girls, for 2 years. They spend 2 days a week at the CFA and the other days in the pharmacy.

During their course, they are trained to prepare ointments or capsules. Their job in the pharmacy mainly consists in dispensing medication upon the presentation of a prescription given by a doctor. They work under the supervision of a pharmacist who did medical studies. Once employed as a Pharmacy Assistant, they have to work with the lead pharmacist.

They have sales duties and they must be able to advise clients. In France, pharmacies also sell products for babies (powdered milk, feeding bottles…), products for hygiene (soaps, toothpaste…) and beauty products, cosmetics...

Some pharmacies are specialized in herbal medicine or homeopathy. The ability to give advice, added to the dispensing of the medicine is very important.

Administrative work is also quite important. In France, part of the cost of medication is reimbursed therefore all the different procedures have to be known.

Some of our apprentices work in hospital pharmacies where there is more preparation to do. They also prepare medicine, per patient, for the day or for the week.


In both fields, the cultural exchanges and the possibilities of student exchanges are key motivators for us in the project.

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