The CFA EN 85 is looking for Academic Institutions in Europe who offer courses in the field of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Catering and Pharmacy.

Objective: to offer the possibility to apprentices to gain personal and professional experience in a foreign country during their training program.



• Professionalization;
• Increased cultural experience in Europe;
• Improvement in English and discovery of another language;
• Adaptability

LENGTH: About 3 weeks of practical experience

PEOPLE INVOLVED: Apprentices aged 18 or more

NUMBER OF APPRENTICES: Between 2 and 6 apprentices per country
Monde europe




1. Present our vocational training center and get answers to these specific questions:

   a. Do you have similar training courses in cooking, catering or pharmacy in your country?
   b. How are the key job responsibilities (i.e. dispensing medication, cooking, catering) organized in your country?
   c. Do you think that a young person can truly benefit from a 3-week work experience in your country if they don't speak the language (or if they have autonomous but limited English)?


2. Look for Academic Institutions and exchange emails between the headmasters of the two training schools and deposit of a file for the Leonardo Programme in order to ask for a grant and to organize a preparatory visit.


3. Prepare a visit for 2 or 3 French teachers from the CFA EN85. There are different aspects of the project to be discussed:
   a. the terms and conditions of the stay;
   b. the geographical, cultural and economic environment of the area;
   c. the ways of integrating apprentices into the cultural and professional environment

       and to make their everyday life easier;
   d. the aims of the experience in a foreign firm;
   e. the safety regulations;
   f. the organization of the supervision (during the period, language);
   g. the organization of everyday life (housing, hours, meals...);
   h. preparation of access to cultural activities (e.g. sports activities).


4. Deposit a file for the Erasmus + Programme in order to ask for a grant for the stay of the apprentices.


5. Experience life abroad for a group of apprentices. The stay in a foreign country is part of the professional training.


What we expect from our European Academic Institutions:
   • To look for companies able to host 1 or 2 apprentices, for a period of 3 weeks
   • To offer housing facilities for the apprentices
   • To offer cultural activities for the 2 weekends and for the days-off
   • To host 1 or 2 teachers, at the beginning and at the end of the 3 weeks, the aims

      of the teacher's stay are:
         o to ensure the success of the project;
         o to help with the integration of the apprentice;
         o to assess the apprentices;
         o to make their return journey to France easier;
         o to foster a working relationship with the local advisor

         o to be a local contact in case of difficulties during the integration

            (e.g. personal problems; health issues, transportation...).


During the experience in a foreign country, apprentices will have to carry out some of the following tasks which are written in the exam regulations. You can find them listed below according to their fields.