The VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL OF VENDEE (CFA EN 85) is the Training Center for Apprentices of the Department of Vendée (it belongs to the French Department of Education)

CFA EN 85 is a non-profit organization; it works in the fields of technical and vocational secondary education; it has 450 apprentices and 35 staff members (teachers and management).

The CFA EN 85 is an establishment which works in close cooperation with the companies in a variety of domains in the Pays de la Loire Region.

The CFA EN 85 is organized in a network of 7 academic institutions. It educates students who have an apprenticeship training contract. Our apprentices prepare 20 different diplomas. LPO Kastler Guitton is the head office of the CFA EN 85.


The firms finance the apprenticeship with the help of the Pays de la Loire Region.

The budget of the CFA is €2,300,000.


cfa en85